Orange Pip: Launching May 28

Food has become a defining obsession among a wide swath of the young and urbane. It is not golf or opera. It’s more like indie rock. Just like the music of, say, Drag City bands on a nineties campus, food is now viewed as a legitimate option for a hobby, a topic of endless discussion, a playground for one-upmanship, and a measuring stick of cool. It’s a badge of honour; …It has bragging rights…you can now eat just as quality food with a great environment without the fuss and the feeling of sitting at the grown-up table.               

Michael Idov – New York Magazine 2012


Founded in 2016 and launching on the 28th May, Orange Pip Market is Middlesbrough’s first artisan food market.

You’ll find us on Baker Street in the heart of the independent district on the last Saturday of the month from midday to 7pm.

Orange Pip Market is a place where great food, arts and performance come together to make a unique experience for the town and a fantastic way to spend a Saturday.

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